AEROLAB built our 13,000 square-foot facility in 1960. It includes machining, fabricating, welding and painting/finishing shops (as well as an electronics shop and design and business offices).

Working from SolidWorks 3-D models and drawings, our in-house capabilities include:

  • CNC machining
  • Lathe work
  • MIG, TIG and stick welding
  • Soldering and brazing
  • Bending, forming and cutting
  • Drilling, reaming, tapping and threading
  • Finishing, painting
  • Assembly
  • Testing and Calibratio

For projects too large for our facility, we commission a local fabrication shop whom works to our exact specifications. Progress is regularly monitored and overseen by AEROLAB to ensure close tolerances and quality.

Contact AEROLAB with your fabrication needs (wind tunnel or other) for a free quotation.