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Specialized equipment for
unique needs.

Educational Institutions

Precise for researchers;
simple for students.

Contractors & Commercial Entities

Complex designs, made to order.

Research Facilities

Exacting equipment to meet stringent requirements.

Learn with our highly customized wind tunnels.

AEROLAB can provide any size, configuration or features you need in a wind tunnel or ancillary device. We’ve been building custom equipment for more than 60 years to give you the best research and education possible.

Our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and optimization technology and skilled engineers will help you achieve maximum efficiency and accurate results.

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Latest News

AEROLAB Introduces CFD and Optimization Technology

August 26, 2014

Throughout its history, AEROLAB has offered leading-edge wind tunnel designs based on the work of its founder, Professor A. Wiley Sherwood. Now, as technology evolves, we are writing a new chapter in AEROLAB’s leadership and history. With recent advanc …

Meet AEROLAB’s New Owner

August 22, 2014

In 2014, Hareen Aparakakankanange became the new owner and CEO of AEROLAB. He is committed to continuing AEROLAB’s longstanding reputation for innovative, highly accurate wind tunnel designs. To do so, he has assembled a team of expert engineers with s …