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Specialized equipment for
unique needs.

Educational Institutions

Precise for researchers;
simple for students.

Contractors & Commercial Entities

Complex designs, made to order.

Research Facilities

Exacting equipment to meet stringent requirements.

Learn with our highly customized wind tunnels.

AEROLAB can provide any size, configuration or features you need in a wind tunnel or ancillary device. We’ve been building custom equipment for more than 60 years to give you the best research and education possible.

Our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and optimization technology and skilled engineers will help you achieve maximum efficiency and accurate results.

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Educational Wind Tunnel (EWT)

An easy-to-use, all-in-one fluids / aerodynamics laboratory

Open Circuit Wind Tunnels

Fitting your exact requirements – low ceilings, limited access, obstacles and more

Closed Circuit Wind Tunnels

With complete design freedom to meet your unique specifications and needs

SuperSonic Wind Tunnels

Supersonic wind tunnels available in variable Mach number

Sting Balance

A one-piece design superior in strength, accuracy and lower interactions between components

Pyramidal Balance

Choose from three or six measured “components” and three sizes

Traverse Systems

Accurate, simple and easy-to-use traverse systems for any subsonic wind tunnel

Model Positioning System

For easy, accurate changes in wind tunnel test model attitude