The first Educational Wind Tunnel design for AEROLAB was crafted in Wiley Sherwood’s basement in 1947. Sherwood saw a need for an Educational Wind Tunnel to help students understand basic aerodynamic principles 


AEROLAB upgraded to a stand-alone, 15,000 square foot facility, finally leaving Wiley Sherwood’s basement after a decade of at-home operation


AEROLAB expanded on its existing product line, from just Educational Wind Tunnels, to include Custom Wind Tunnels for customers all around the world


20 years after AEROLAB was founded, the company expanded its reach by designing and building larger research tunnels for bigger research facilities


The first large 7ft(2.1m) x 10ft(3.0m) test section wind tunnel was built for a customer in Taiwan and marked a new epoch for the company at the onset of the 1970s. This tunnel is still operational almost 50 years later


AEROLAB continued to build on its success of designing and fabricating low and high-speed wind tunnels, balances, traverse systems, and other equipment


More Custom Wind Tunnels


From the 1980s to 2000s Aerolab solidified its position as a leader in the custom wind tunnel industry


A new CEO of Aerolab assumed ownership, marking the next chapter for the company

2014 - Present

This new leadership provided an infusion of innovation, opportunities, and unprecedented growth