About Aerolab

A recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of custom wind tunnels, nationally and internationally.

Custom wind tunnel design solutions for academia, private industry and the military

AEROLAB’s 30,000 square foot facility includes designing, machining, welding, painting, and electronics shops exclusively dedicated to the development and construction of a wide variety of wind tunnels and aerodynamic research instruments.

AEROLAB continues to marry the seamless integration of aerospace research with cutting-edge practices. To accomplish this, it employs highly skilled engineers, machinists, fabricators and technical consultants, all of whom share a commitment to quality and a passion for wind tunnels.

AEROLAB products can be found in many of the most prestigious engineering institutions around the world, and our list of clients includes many major domestic and international institutions. AEROLAB is proud of its contribution to aerospace and the many other industries in which wind tunnels provide valuable contributions.