The following questionnaire is intended to streamline the purchase of your new AEROLAB Educational Wind Tunnel (EWT) Upgrade. Please answer the questions as carefully and thoroughly as possible and maintain a common units system (ex. Inches, feet, meters, pounds, etc.). AEROLAB is not responsible for the accuracy of the information it is provided. Double-check all measurements and include additional information and/or photographs as needed to facilitate understanding.

  • Electrical Power

  • Input will be in VAC
  • Please consider these questions for your own benefit - AEROLAB does not need answers for these questions.

  • The exhaust wind is approximately 40 miles/hour (17.9 m/s). Is the intended use site free of loose items?

    Is noise a concern? When operated at maximum speed, exhaust noise levels can approach 90 dB. The highest recorded noise level at the Operator’s position was 82 dB.

    The EWT will be delivered via box truck or in a shipping container. Is a loading dock available? (If not, please consult with AEROLAB for unloading instructions.)

    For easy transportation, heavy-duty casters are mounted to the base of the EWT. Is the floor in the intended use site firm and flat?

    Consider the intended installation route. The EWT is 4.6x1.1x1.8m (LxWxH); are there bottlenecks such as overhead piping, support beams, corners, doorways, etcetera? Using the installed heavy-duty casters, can the tunnel be pushed from the loading dock to the intended use site? Contact AEROLAB with any questions or concerns.

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