Hareen Aparakakankanange, CEO


The new owner and CEO of AEROLAB, Hareen Aparakakankanange, has spent his career designing wind tunnels, fabricating wind tunnel parts, and conducting wind tunnel tests for prestigious clients such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, the United States NAVY, Boeing, AAI and more.

Hareen’s experience at his first job, at the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel (GLMWT), informs his approach today at AEROLAB. There, Hareen conducted wind tunnel tests for numerous clients while learning to address diverse needs for a variety of projects. Now, his perspective helps him evaluate designs not only to ensure they meet strict research specifications, but are also interpretable and accessible for students as well as researchers to use.

Hareen holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering and a master’s in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland. Hareen has conducted cutting edge research and cultivated fruitful relationships with industry peers, making it possible for him to take advantage of constant access to the latest wind tunnel technology and discover new ways to refine and optimize wind tunnels. He brings these fresh ways of thinking to bear in AEROLAB’s designs, which are both inventive and highly customized to meet researchers’ and educators’ needs.

Former employee of AEROLAB who has taken part in designing, fabricating, calibrating wind tunnels and associated equipment as an aeronautical/mechanical engineer from 2003 to 2007. He also developed expertise during that time by collaborating with machinists to communicate design and fabrication requirements and learning what it takes to produce a wind tunnel of AEROLAB’s high caliber.

Now, in his new role, Hareen is writing the next chapter of innovation in AEROLAB’s history.