Educational Wind Tunnel Upgrade

Older Educational Wind Tunnels (EWT) that function like new ones


Aerodynamically, older (1980-2006) Educational Wind Tunnels (EWT) function just as well as the newest!

AEROLAB now offers an upgraded Data Acquisition and Control (DAC) system for these tunnels. Available for all pre-2006 AEROLAB EWTs with square test sections and a “sting” strain gage force balance, the system features the same National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software installed on new, complete EWTs.

LabVIEW Software

Employing National Instruments hardware, LabVIEW software, solid-state sensors and a Dell computer, the system measures, displays (real-time) and records the following:

  • Airspeed
  • Force/Moment balance output (Axial Force, Normal Force and Pitching Moment)
  • Model position (Angle of attack)
  • Pressure (with optional solid-state manometer, only)
    • (selectable units: SI and Standard American)

The system also controls

  • Airspeed. In manual mode, fan speed is fixed at your desired setting. In automatic mode, airspeed is fixed at your desired setting regardless of model position.

The upgrade includes

  • Dell desktop computer with flat screen monitor
  • All necessary connectors, wires and cables
  • National Instruments™ hardware and an executable LabVIEW™ program
  • Anodized aluminum workstation
  • 1st-order sting balance recalibration

The EWT Upgrade requires

  • Customer installation of cable/pressure tube connections
  • Customer calibration of pitch angle (instructions included)
  • Trade in of existing AEROLAB EWT instrument panel
  • Delivery of Sting Balance and electronics cabinet for factory calibration and installation

Important notes

  • The Upgrade is supplied with an executable LabVIEW file. As such, LabVIEW software is not needed.
  • Some wind tunnel speed controllers (Variable Frequency Drive) may not be compatible with the Upgrade. Contact AEROLAB for details.

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With a workshop dedicated to instrumentation and development, AEROLAB can design, assemble and install a data acquisition, display and control system to meet your exact needs. AEROLAB engineers have vast experience with wind-tunnel-related sensors and instrumentation as well as LabVIEW software. Contact AEROLAB with your ideas and specifications for a custom-made quotation.

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