Subsonic Wind Tunnels

Open Circuit Wind Tunnels


Because each AEROLAB open circuit wind tunnel is individually designed, one can be made to meet your exact requirements.

Open circuit wind tunnels do not directly re-circulate air. Rather, air is drawn in from the laboratory environment, passes through the test section and is returned back to the lab through the tunnel exhaust.

AEROLAB has made open circuit wind tunnels for many past customers who had special needs, such as low ceilings, limited access (small doorways) and obstacles such as building columns and overhead ducting.

AEROLAB offers cost effective tunnels in a variety of standard sizes:

  • 6×6 inch
  • 12×12 inch
  • 18×18 inch
  • 24×24 inch
  • 28×40 inch
  • 30×30 inch
  • 48×48 inch (4’x4′)

AEROLAB also specializes in producing custom wind tunnels; with experience producing tunnels with test section sizes in excess of 40×40 inches, AEROLAB is prepared for your design requirements.  Start a conversation with one of our engineers for more information and to obtain a quotation, be sure to include any requirements (size, speed, shape).



Performance Specifications

  • Airspeed Range – customer-defined
  • Turbulence Level – typically less than 0.25% (depending upon laboratory conditions)

See the Open Circuit Wind Tunnels Brochure


Closed Circuit Wind Tunnels


AEROLAB specializes in custom-made closed circuit wind tunnels (CCT).

The use of steel for construction offers complete design freedom to meet your unique specifications and needs, such as low overhead clearance or building support columns.

Most AEROLAB CCT designs are traditional single-return, horizontally arranged circuits. However, any configuration is possible.

As with all AEROLAB wind tunnels, exceptionally steady test section flow with close uniformity of velocity is standard. Turbulence level is typically below 0.10 percent throughout the full tunnel speed range.

Contact AEROLAB with your ideas (size, speed, shape) for a free, custom-made quote.



Performance Specifications

  • Airspeed Range : customer-defined
  • Turbulence Level: typically < 0.1%

See the Closed Circuit Wind Tunnels brochure


Educational Wind Tunnels (EWT)


The AEROLAB Educational Wind Tunnel (EWT) System is a powerful tool for educators and researchers alike.

With many optional features available, the budget-conscious user can start with a basic system and upgrade as needs change or funding becomes available.

The Complete EWT System is an easy-to-use, all-in-one fluids / aerodynamics laboratory. Optional features include instrumentation, data acquisition, models and probes. Contact AEROLAB and build a system today.

Perfectly scaled for high school or university use, the basic EWT system is also popular with small technical businesses needing an accurate, reliable testing device.



Performance Specifications

  • Airspeed Range – 10 mph (4.5 m/s) to 145+ mph (65 + m/s)
  • Turbulence Level – less than 0.2%
  • Reynolds Number (per foot) – 1.4 x 10^6 /foot

See the Educational Wind Tunnel (EWT) brochure